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  • Ti Cuntu Insolia I.g.t. Terre siciliane

    Classification:IGTType wine:WhiteGrapes variety:InsoliaAging process:2months in bottleColor: Yellow color with greenish reflections Aroma:Intense, floreal and fruityFlavor:Fresh and harmonious Gastronomic: ideal for an appetizer of fish, white meats and grilled fish.

    7,38 €
  • Seforha Nero d'Avola

    Classification: I.G.T. Type wine: RedGrapes variety: Nero d'AvolaAging process: 5 months in bottle Color: Deep red with garnet reflexAroma: Hints of red fruits. Sweet vanilla spicinessFlavor: Warm,robust, balanced with generous but soft tanninsAlcohol content: 13,5% Gastronomic a: particularly recommended with pastas. Soups in broth. Braised red meats and...

    6,56 €
  • Solera Insolia

    Classification:IGTType wine:WhiteGrapes variety:InsoliaAging process:2months in bottleColor:GoldAroma:Intense,fruity,that sweeps between jasmine flowers and fruits such as pear and exotic fruit.Flavor:Fresh,harmonious and lively Gastronomic a:Excellent white wine that values scents such as in pasta and risotto to fish sauce,also elaborated.Also...

    6,56 €
  • Nakrì Vittoria Nero d'Avola Doc

    Classification: DOCWine: RedGrapes Variety: Nero d'Avola Aging Process: 5 months on bottleColor: Deep red with garnet reflexAroma: Hints of red fruits like raspberry, marasca cherry and morello cherry. Chocolate and licoriceFlavor: Warm, robust, balanced with generous but soft tanninsAlc. content: 13.5%Gastr. accompaniments: Pastas stuffed...

    12,54 €
  • Talè Grillo

    Classification: Sicilia Doc Type wine: White Grapes variety: Grillo Aging process: 2 months in bottle Aroma: Fruity, floral Flavor: Fresh for acidity, of good persistence Alcohol content: 13% Gastronomic accompaniment: Appetizers and shellfishs

    8,53 €
  • Nakrì Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.o.c.g. Classico

    Classification: D.O.C.G. ClassicoWine: RedGrapes Variety: Nero d'Avola 60% Frappato 40% Aging Process: bottle-aged for 6 monthsColor: Garnet red intenseAroma: Hints of little red fruits, licorice in the background, lighr notes of chocolateFlavor: Full, warm with tannin balancedAlcohol content: 13.5%Gastronomic accompaniments: Red meats, game and aged...

    13,53 €
  • Ti Cuntu Syrah i.g.t. Terre Siciliane

    Classification: I.G.T. Tipe of wine: Red Grapes Variety: Syrah Aging process: 4 months in bottle Color: Ruby red with violet reflections Aroma of hints of ripe fruit and licorice note. Flavor Balanced on taste, full body. Alcohol content: 13,5% Gastronomic accompaniments: Pasta with tomato sauce and red meet

    7,38 €
  • Rosè Rosato di Frappato

    Classification: I.G.T.Type of wine: RoseVariety grapes: FrappatoAging process: 1 months in bottleAroma: Fruity and floralFlavor: Fragrant and persistentAlcohol content: 13%                                               Gastronomic accompaniments: Aperitifs, seafood and land appetizers. Great on summer evenings.

    8,53 €
  • Nakrì Vittoria Frappato Doc

    Classification: D.O.C.Wine: RedGrapes Variety: FrappatoAging Process: 2 months on bottlesColor: Cherry redAroma: Intense with notes of red fruits, strawberry, billberry and black pepperFlavor: Rightfully tannicAlc. content: 12.5%Gastr. accompaniments: Fat fish, Raw fish, sushi and salami

    12,54 €
  • Ti Cuntu Vittoria Rosso Doc Barricato

    Classification: I.G.T. terre siciliane Type wine: White sparkling Grapes variety: Moscato Color: YellowAroma: Hints of white peach flowers, grapefruit and orange blossom.Flavor: fresh, with marked acidity and mineralityAlcohol content: 11,5% Gastronomic a: It goes well with fish, vegetables and white meats.

    12,30 €
  • Senia Tasting Menù

    Senia tasting menu includes: 2 Wine, Local cheeses, Bread seasoned, Olives, Focacce

    14,75 €
  • Seforha Frappato

    Classification: I.G.T. Type of Wine: Red Grapes Variety: Frappato Aging process: 3 months in bottle Color: Cherry red Aroma:Intense, with notes of red fruits, strawberry and bilberry Flavor: Soft, full-bodied Alcohol content: 13% Gastronomic accompaniment: A wine that goes well with cheese starters and of salami starters, not very complex dishes.

    6,56 €
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