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Nakrì Vittoria Frappato Doc



Classification: D.O.C.
Wine: Red
Grapes Variety: Frappato
Aging Process: 2 months on bottles
Color: Cherry red
Aroma: Intense with notes of red fruits, strawberry, billberry and black pepper
Flavor: Rightfully tannic
Alc. content: 12.5%
Gastr. accompaniments: Fat fish, Raw fish, sushi and salami

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From the idea of the unique and special make our territory we thought to rediscover the excellence of our vineyards, producing the Doc as the Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG, Vittoria Nero d'Avola Doc and Doc Victory Frappato that express the fundamental concept of the "Quality" our company. And 'Nakrì the key of these wines and itself our "Sicilia", the search continues to give value to this island full of facets. Sicily a woman to love, vain and stubborn, hence the idea to create a label for women, that there reflects the soul, a dance that recalls the ancient rites during the vintage where the women danced to the music for forget the fatigue of hard work. The three women are we who lead our company and our land

Classification Doc Vittoria
Type wine Red
First year of production Anno 2016
Grapes variety Frappato
Production Area C/da Senia
Growth system Espallier, cordon rammed
Planting density 4000 vines/hectare
Yield for hectare 70
Harvest period Second decade of September
Vinification Destemming and crushing of the bunch of grapes, maceration for 15-20 days with skins
Fermentation temperature 16°-18°
Maturation 3 months in stainless steel vats
Aging process bottle-aged for 2 months.
Color Cherry red
Aroma Intense with notes of red fruits, strawberry,billberry and black pepper
Flavor Rightfully tannic
Alcohol content 12.5% Vol.
Bottle Bordolese Conica Elite cl 75
Conservation Bottle to be laid in horizontal position
Confezione Cardboard box of 6 bottles cl 75
Serving temperature 13°/15°C
Gastronomic accompaniments Fat fish, raw fish, sushi e salami

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The farm Mortilla is a modern company, but with an history ancient of making wine, dated roughly around 1850. A rich history of anecdotes and memories of the times that were ...

     Currently, the company develops into one of the most famous districts for wine production called "Mortilla". The farm currently manages one hectare of olive groves 3 hectares kaki lotus plants and 12 hectares of vineyards, producing excellent wines with the best grapes native as Frappato, Nero d'Avola, Insolia, Grillo. The company prides itself on being in the province of Ragusa the largest producer of persimmon. The excellence of the territory is the Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.o.c.g., red wine with a historical identity defined. Even now as in our ancient history, the harvest is a magic ritual made of effort and love,we harvesting the grapes by hand, a fundamental step to select the bunches of grapes that will produce our best wines.

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