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Ti Cuntu Insolia I.g.t. Terre siciliane



Type wine:White
Grapes variety:Insolia
Aging process:2months in bottle
Color: Yellow color with greenish reflections

Aroma:Intense, floreal and fruity
Flavor:Fresh and harmonious
Gastronomic: ideal for an appetizer of fish, white meats and grilled fish.

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The  Insolia already in 1590 was mentioned as ancient grape of Sicily with the name "Rácina soria" of golden color grapes. This is a sturdy grape variety, resistant to drought, thank to  poor foliation.

"Very nice quality of the grapes, gives much fruit and does the generous wine, is of kind flavor, strengths that make it highly sought after." The Nicolosi 1869

Features: The cluster is medium-large, pyramidal or conical, medium-large leaf, five-lobed or eptalobata, pentagonal. The berries are large ellipsoidal medium, with obvious navel, with waxy skin, thick, golden or amber color, crisp flesh, sweet and aromatic seeds.

Classification I.G.T. Terre Siciliane
Type wine White
First year of production Year 2001
Grapes variety Insolia
Production Area C/da Senia
Growth system Espallier, cordon rammed
Planting density 3600 vines/hectare
Yield for hectare 90
Harvest period Early September
Vinification Questo vino è ottenuto da uve che hanno raggiunto una media maturazione aromatica e polifenolica. Vinificazione in bianco, macerazione termo condizionata, a temperatura controllata di 14°
Fermentation temperature 14°C
Maturation 6 months in stainless steel vats
Aging process bottle-aged for 2 months.
Color Yellow color with greenish reflections
Aroma Intense with a bouquet that ranges between jasmine flowers and fresh fruit like pears, with delicate hints of exotic fruit.
Flavor An intense wine, quite fine, fresh, in the mouth we find the olfactory notes, resulting in a harmonious wine.
Alcohol content 12.5% Vol.
Bottle Borgognotta
Conservation Bottle to be laid in horizontal position
Confezione Cardbooard box of 6 bottles
Serving temperature 12-14 °C
Gastronomic accompaniments White wine ideal for an appetizer of fish, excellent with seafood and shellfish. For main courses it can be easily combined with both white meats and grilled fish.

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The farm Mortilla is a modern company, but with an history ancient of making wine, dated roughly around 1850. A rich history of anecdotes and memories of the times that were ...

     Currently, the company develops into one of the most famous districts for wine production called "Mortilla". The farm currently manages one hectare of olive groves 3 hectares kaki lotus plants and 12 hectares of vineyards, producing excellent wines with the best grapes native as Frappato, Nero d'Avola, Insolia, Grillo. The company prides itself on being in the province of Ragusa the largest producer of persimmon. The excellence of the territory is the Cerasuolo di Vittoria D.o.c.g., red wine with a historical identity defined. Even now as in our ancient history, the harvest is a magic ritual made of effort and love,we harvesting the grapes by hand, a fundamental step to select the bunches of grapes that will produce our best wines.

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